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Letter to the Editor

Do you have a strong feeling about something you’ve read or viewed on the website? Are you not able to post a comment on a particular post because the thread is now closed? Then why not write a letter to the editor? A letter to the editor is a way to comment/debate an article or digital product put together by anybody for Theology Review and have previously discussed. Share with us your thoughts, and we may post/engage it in the future! We will always read any letter sent to the editor.

Guidelines for Letters to the Editor

  1. Be clear about what you’re trying to say: Aim to try avoid rambling or diving from topic to topic without closing off your last thought. If your thoughts run too long, it will be less likely that we cover them. We would like to try and respond to as many letters as possible, but other readers need to be able to keep up with any letter that we receive.
  2. Be factual as much as possible: Everyone has an opinion, but it’s very difficult for someone to tell somebody else that they’re wrong if they don’t back it up with evidence. We ask that you either give your opinion, or you back up what you say with evidence.
  3. No personal attacks: If you strongly disagree with something that a writer for Theology Review says, fine, simply note that you disagree with them. Personally attacking someone is not constructive, nor an argument. So please don’t do it. If you do that in an letter sent to the editor it will be ignored and may lead to a potential ban on any future comments you wish to make.
  4. Read it before you send it: As you may be aware of, writing isn’t always the easiest job on the side of both the writer or the reader. Proofreading is vitally important! We recommend that you always proofread what you send before you send it to us.
  5. Don’t be offended if we don’t cover it: Theology Review is not a full-time job, everybody involved with our work has lives outside of the work of TR. So if your letter isn’t covered it’ll be because of one of two things. Either it has already been covered in a previous letter, article, or digital product; or we haven’t got round to responding to it just yet. So please don’t be offended that we either don’t cover your letter or don’t do it for a while.

All letters to the editor can be sent to

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