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The Pride GIF Going Around on Facebook

The Pride GIF Going Around on Facebook

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The Pride GIF Going Around on Facebook

The Pride GIF Going Around on Facebook

If you’re reading this post, you may be well aware of the ongoing pressure to conform and accept anything other than heterosexuality and heterosexual marriage and to affirm it. This is well known to the Christian community today, particularly through things such as the heavily publicised Asher’s Bakery lawsuit, and Tony Campolo’s heavily debated open letter about homosexuality almost two years ago. But in the last day, a new Facebook seems to be getting started.

I woke up this morning to a notification on Facebook of someone who goes around on various Christian Facebook pages for the purposes of trolling having posted a gay pride GIF on a public post of mine. Generally my posts are only available to be viewed by my friends and are not public, but certain posts are public and it is those posts that have been targeted.

This short post has been written to flag this up for any Christians out there who read this and may possibly encounter this. If this happens to you, I would encourage you to delete the post. It’s really just a means for these trolling characters to try and push your buttons and make you react, don’t give in to them. Just delete the post. You don’t need that kind of attention on your personal profile.

Sometime in the future I will be releasing a post on sexuality which will aim to look at the possible reasons from this kind of behaviour, as it is also seen in some Christians as well unfortunately. But for now, keep your eyes peeled and don’t let you personal profile be overrun with trolls posting these GIF’s on your personal profile. It’s just a means to take a stab at you and your beliefs.

Mark is the Lead Writer at Theology Review. Mark is currently studying theology at Spurgeon's College, working towards completing the Church Training Initiative before moving on to their degree course. Mark has been a Christian since 2001, and now spends a lot of his time studying and researching various topics affecting Biblical and Church History. This has led him to start Theology Review, a place for thought and discussion on historical and current theology.

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