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Theology Review : Update July 2017

Update July 2017

Theology Review

Theology Review : Update July 2017

Theology Review : Update July 2017

We’re now in the summer period, and Theology Review has been going for a little under a month. So as the lead writer I felt it would be appropriate to share an update on the development of Theology Review, and the goals that I aim to meet during the course of the coming weeks and months. So here is our update for the month of July 2017.

Our Online Presence

Theology Review started in June 2017, releasing its first article, Nimrod : A Biblical Profile, where we looked at the character of Nimrod, trying to ascertain what kind of character he may have been by using the meanings of the names of the cities that he built during his reign as king. Since then Theology Review has released six articles (not including this update). These articles have covered various themes including, Biblical History, gay marriage, worship, and hardships.

We still have a lot more work to do on the website, including setting various pages such as an about and contact page. However, our homepage is built and working as we want it to work. The site is getting read, however, we are not currently in a position to get stats on this, but this information is known through in-person feedback and feedback on social media (particularly Facebook).

In terms of social media, our profile is gradually growing. Our Facebook page recently hit 40 like, which for 24 days is good for us as a new brand. This is something we will look to grow over the coming weeks and months. We are also working on setting up a YouTube channel which will hopefully be set up by the end of the summer with some work being done to start releasing content from the fall.

Writing Over the Summer and Beyond

During the course of the summer, there will be a couple of weeks where I will be away and unable to write. The plan is to finish off writing a three-part article series on who wrote the most in terms of volume in the Bible, focusing on the Old and New Testaments individually, then focusing on the Bible as a whole. This will be released over the course of the week and a half I’m away, then I’ll be getting back into a regular schedule of writing.

After the summer the plan is to write articles ahead of time and then do scheduled releases. So during the course of August, I’ll be working towards this goal as well as writing some shorter length thought pieces, this will mean that August will be a lighter month in terms of content. This is simply to allow me to get into a writing routine that will be more beneficial to me and the other commitments I have going on.

Preaching and Teaching

If you asked me in January would I have preached twice before the end of the summer, my answer would’ve been no. But that has turned out to be the case, last night I preached my second sermon that was not part of a tag team preach, this time as the second message as part of a series on the book of Jonah. This has been a challenging experience, and I am learning each and every time I preach. It has been an amazing blessing to preach God’s word, one that is not being taken lightly.

Thank You

As we close I want to say a big thank you to everyone for taking the time to read the articles here at Theology Review, for engaging with us on social media, and for supporting the work of Theology Review as a whole.

I would love to engage with you online, so if you have any thoughts or comments about how we can improve the work of Theology Review or any ideas for future articles please do let us know in the comments below.

Mark is the Lead Writer at Theology Review. Mark is currently studying theology at Spurgeon's College, working towards completing the Church Training Initiative before moving on to their degree course. Mark has been a Christian since 2001, and now spends a lot of his time studying and researching various topics affecting Biblical and Church History. This has led him to start Theology Review, a place for thought and discussion on historical and current theology.

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